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Are your dark underarms making you insecure? 7 Products to make your underarms lighter

Your underarms should ideally be the same shade as the rest of your skin. However, many women have a complaint of having dark armpits. Women might find dark underarms embarrassing especially while wearing sleeveless clothes or costumes. If your armpit appears to be darker than your normal skin colour, the reasons could be many. Major causes of dark underarms can be shaving, excessive use of deodorants, antiperspirants, talcum powder with chemical components, etc. Although a lot of women might find it difficult to get rid of dark underarms, it is actually not very difficult. There are certain products that will help you get rid of this problem so that you can let your hair down and raise your hands up in the air without a worry. 


Bare Body Essentials Armilicious Combo 

Just like your face and your body, your underarms also need to get scrubbed from time to time. This kit containing an underarm scrub and cream is formulated from an ideal blend of coconut oil and coconut shell powder. It will deeply exfoliate your underarms and remove dead skin cells, dullness and impurities leaving a soft and smoothened effect while making underarms feel supple. After using the scrub, you need to apply the cream that even out the skin tone and moisturise the area. 


Price: Rs.679

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Sanfe Underarm Detox Exfolaitor 

This underarm detox exfoliator helps to unclog the pore by deep cleanse action. The special granule action helps in removing dead skin and blood circulation, leaving a healthy skin behind. Increasing the blood circulation activity helps in tightening of now unclogged pores. The multi-action of the product leaves behind a well nourished and healthy skin. 


Price: Rs.594

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Sanfe Underarm Depigmentation Serum 

This depigmentation serum is made with a natural formulation that treats marks and pigmentation and helps to naturally brighten the skin. The formulation treats the acne spots and pigmentation, leaving behind clearer and smooth skin. It improves the skin’s texture, making it clean and silky smooth, while also moisturising it and helping in cell renewal. 


Price: Rs.799

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Sanfe Anti-Perspirant Deo Cream 

Excessive sweat can also create dirt and germs which can make the underarms dark. This anti-perspirant cream helps to control sweat production and fights infection causing bacteria. It fights bad odour and keeps you fresh all day long. This deodorizing cream is safe and natural and can be used for breast perspiration also.


Price: Rs.449

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Bella Vita Organic Exfoliating Coffee Scrub 

Scrub off all the dirt and impurities from your underarms with this organic and ayurvedic coffee scrub. Enriched with walnut, coconut oil, rock salt and coffee, this scrub will help in lightening dark neck, underarms, elbows and knees along with removing tan and dry skin. It also clears clogged pores and removes black or whiteheads. It brightens the skin and lets it breathe. 


Price: Rs.225

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Sanfe Intimate Lightening Serum 

Say goodbye to all sorts of discoloration with this intimate lightening serum. Made from natural extracts of lemon, mulberry, kojic acid, and moringa oil, this serum protects the skin of the intimate area from bacteria, fungus and free radicals. It effectively treats dark spots, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, and skin discoloration due to friction in the intimate areas including underarms. 


Price: Rs.426

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Azani Active Care Intimate Area Lightening Cream 

This intense lightening cream is enriched with shea butter, glycerin, vitamin B3 and niacinamide that is known to combat the most stubborn dark spots. This natural cream will repair and nourish your skin with a complete protective barrier. It promotes collagen production, provides nourishment and promotes the overall health of your skin.


Price: Rs.449

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