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Rules – Small Size League | RoboCup Soccer

Robots have to be completely in their own half during kickoff; Robots do not need to move the ball forward during kickoff; Mandatory ball placement for DivA teams; Forbid chip-kick goals; Reduce maximum ball speed from 8 to 6.5m/s; Every third yellow card results in a penalty kick; Add a measurable definition for robot crashes

RoboCupJunior Soccer Rules 2021

The robots should be created from official Lego or Fishertechnik kits, except for sensors necessary for robots to be able to find the ball (i.e. ball detector) and the orientation of the field (i.e. compass). The robots should be limited in size to 22,4cm by 22,4cm by 22,4cm (all measurements +/- 1cm). There shall be no weight limit.

Soccer Robot - Playing Robotics Technology Working with Rules

Your complete soccer robot should fit into a tube which has 22 centimeters high and 22 centimeters in diameter. Weigh of the soccer robot will be less than one kilogram. Size of the Team. The size of the soccer robot team consists of two robots. Robot Control. Controlling of the robot using the remote is not permitted. Experience

RoboCupJunior Soccer Rules 2019 - junior.robocup.org

Robots may weigh up to 2.4 kg, may have a ball-capturing zone of up to 2.5 cm, and may use batteries up to 15.0 nominal voltage. Please see section 5. Ball, for balls speci・…ations and section 8. League Regulations, for more details for speci・…ations/regulations. Draft as of October 18, 2018Page1of41.

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Rules and Regulations – RoboCupSoccer Middle Size League

Design Philosophy: Each team should design their robots without making interpretations or placing expectations on how the environment around the field will look like, about spectators, what other teams will do, what robots should look like, or how they will behave.

RoboCupJunior Soccer Rules 2019 - RoboCup German Open

These rules apply for both sub-leagues. There are two main differences between the two leagues. “Soccer Lightweight”is played using a special ball that emits an IR signal ball. Robots may weigh up to 1.1 kg, may have a ball-capturing zone of up to 3.0 cm, and may use batteries up to 12.0 nominal voltage.

RoboCup Standard Platform League (NAO) Rule Book

Some teams wish to include additional information or logos on their robots. The following are allowable: Attaching player numbers to the heads and/or legs of the robots. These numbers should be black with a white background, and should correspond to the number on the robot’s jersey.

RoboCup Small Size League

Each robot must conform to the dimensions as specified in the F180 rules: the robot must fit within an 180 mm diameter circle and must be no higher than 15 cm. The robots play soccer with an orange golf ball on a green carpeted field that is 9 m long by 6 m wide. All objects on the field are tracked by a standardized vision system that processes the data provided by four cameras that are attached to a camera bar located 4 m above the playing surface.