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Hockey Betting Strategies that guarantee profit in NHL betting

5 Best Hockey Betting Systems That Work Hedging. Hedging is one of the best NHL betting strategies you can employ. When you hedge a bet, you place a counter... Over/Under. When you employ over/under betting, you predict the total number of goals in the game. Here, you pick a... 3-Way. As the name ...

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Specialised NHL betting systems Scoring Drought: To place this sort of bet, you will need to find a team which is on a losing streak. By using overs and... Puck Line bets: Puck line hockey betting is a spread bet, which involves -1.5 goals for the favourite, and +1.5 goals... Goaltending bets: Like ...

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Some sports handicappers consider hockey a hard sport to bet on. For those who follow NHL wagering closely, you understand that tracking player injuries, goaltender play and travel schedules is an important part of your NHL betting strategy. For those who don’t do any of the above but track NHL betting coverage here on Odds Shark, you’ll still be able to handicap your hockey wagers like you’ve just won the Stanley Cup.

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NHL Betting Strategies - Discover the Best Ways to Bet on the NHL

NHL Betting Strategy The Importance of Travel Schedules. Often overlooked in most sports are the travel schedules of each team. While this is... Overvaluing Statistics. Serious sports bettors savor statistics. However, the problem with savoring something too much... Line Matchups. Ice hockey is a ...

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Hockey betting. Hockey is one of the most popular sports on the planet, so it takes its rightful place in the line of bookmakers. To win in hockey bets, you need not only to dig into the numbers, but also to choose the optimal game strategy for yourself.

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Streaking means betting on teams that are on extended winning streaks and betting against those that are on extended losing streaks. This is a tried and true betting strategy in NHL bets, especially for over/under totals bets. Win streaks tend to happen when teams get valuable injured players back in the game.

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Ice Hockey Betting Strategies Favorites don’t always win. One of the things a newbie in betting might assume is that a favorite is always bound to win. Understand when to bet the puckline. A puckline bet in ice hockey is essentially the same as a handicap or spread bet in... Start by betting on what ...

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On the flipside, all underdogs would be getting +1.5 goals. The one thing that changes for each game is the amount of “vig” or “juice” on each puckline. If you think a favorite is destined to win, but you don’t want to pay the steep price of their moneyline, it’s worth the better odds to bet their puckline.