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Wrap/circle the bandage below the tracker a few times to keep it from sliding down your arm. With the rest of the bandage, cover the tracker and a small area above it on your arm before anchoring the bandage with the clips. That would have worked fine, but I decided to try playing without the extra bulk.

Fitbit safe for basketball? : fitbit

I wear my flex in the hot tub. That thing can handle anything. 2. level 1. gnarsed. 4 years ago. i play basketball with it and see a bunch of other people do it too. it doesn't seem to do a great job of measuring the heart rate. you can also whack people with it unintentionally. 2. level 1.

Best Fitness Tracker for Basketball [2021]

The machinery is manufactured using waterproof material to allow the basketballers to wear the tracker during the rainy season or sweaty conditions. The Fitbit Smart Tracker adds value to your life even when you are off the field. You can conveniently track your sleep duration and set alarms to wake up on time.

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2. Fitbit Inspire. When Fitbit introduced the Fitbit Inspire, basketball players and lovers went mad for it. Why? Well, we tested this bad boy, and we have the answer. For starters, this unit is slim and designed to be worn 24/7. The watch also does an excellent job tracking heart rate, speed, steps jumps, burned calories, and more.

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I think it depends on where you're playing i.e. a league or just general pick up games. If where you play allows bands on your wrist then a Fitbit Flex or similar band would be safe to wear during the game.

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Method 1Method 1 of 3:Dressing for Practice Download Article. Wear loose-fitting clothes. Choose tops and bottoms that fit snugly enough so that they don’t slip off or become snarled during play. At the same time, avoid tight clothing that constricts movement.

Does anyone wear their Apple Watch while playing sports ...

I wouldn't wear it during basketball. If someone gets their finger stuck it between your wrist and the band either the band will snap making the watch go flying or they will break their finger.

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level 1. ben_v3. · 6y. Apple Watch. While I don't play basketball I probably would wear mine for this particular sport. Unfortunately for me my sport is ice hockey and my position goalie. So there's not a chance in hell I'm wearing my watch while playing. 4. level 2.

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May 18, 2015. #6. I have wondered the same thing. I play ball about 3/4 times a week. I usually use a fitbit to track steps. I am a little worried the watch will get in the way. The fitbit tends to get pulled off from time to time. I will definitely give it a go with the apple watch though. ----------.