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Why the Racquet Face Closes on the Federer Forehand - YouTube

A question I frequently get asked by my students is why the racquet face closes on the Federer forehand. This mysterious occurrence is due to Roger’s contact...

Section 01 - The Forehand Racquet Drop Explained - FTP Tennis

The closed racquet face is obtained, by keeping the 30 degree bend in the wrist that was initially done during the ready position as well as having a eastern or more extreme forehand grip. If the the racquet face is closed it will end up in a vertical position at the contact point.

Does Del Potro Close His Racket Face? (Topspin Forehand ...

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What Is The Correct Racket Head Orientation At ... - Feel Tennis

But on the forehand it’s different and it depends on the grip. A continental grip would show as a slightly open racket face in preparation whereas all other grips would have a neutral or closed racket face. So only if one would turn their wrist up for some reason then they would need to be told to close it.

What is a closed racket face? – Farfromhomemovie.com

As opposed to a closed racket face where the strings are facing the front wall and you’re more just pushing the ball. 3. Which direction should the racket face be facing as you go to your backswing when hitting a forehand? Tilt the face of your racquet down more on your backswing. Your racquet face naturally opens up (tilts upward) as you ...

Step 8 Forehand - Revolutionary Tennis

Examining the racket face's angle from top to bottom, the racket face opened in order to place the racket face perpendicular against the ball for topspin. The hand supinates, or opens up, during the forward swing.

Forehand Slice - The Technique of the Tennis Forehand Slice ...

Tennis Forehand Slice Technique . Some players prefer to position their racket face in front of their left shoulder. This is the case for right handed players. However, if you are a left-handed player, position it in front of your right shoulder.

Feeling The Correct Racquet Path On The Forehand And Backhand ...

You may have heard about the racquet path of a forehand or backhand groundstroke in tennis and how the head of the racquet needs to move through the contact zone. But with just verbal instruction, you may have difficulty understanding and experiencing what that means. Seeing the path of the racquet head on the forehand, […]