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3 Basketball Drills For Kids: How to move without the ball

So ,for this drill, and for this, I brought in a partner, so you need a partner to do this drill. First, I just want to talk about how we’re supposed to be moving without the basketball. If the ball’s on the wing here, and I’m on the top, and my teammate was to drive baseline, I need to make sure that I come over here and fill this spot ...

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Moving without the ball: Spacing Out and the Back Cut Session Thumb... Wall Bounce Pass Passing Techn... Basketball Wall Bounce Pass Passing Technique Face wall with the ball in distance 1,5 metre. Bounce the ball before the wall and after catch it witho...

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If you can't get open, set a ball-screen and run the pick and roll. If you are playing with two post players, work with your opposite post player. Screen for each other. Play "hi-lo", one at the high post and one inside, moving and rotating in these spots as the ball moves. For example, if the ball is on the opposite wing and you see that your teammate is being full-fronted in the low post, cut to the ball-side elbow for the pass, and then dump the ball inside from there.

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90% of the game is played without you having the ball in your hand. We have basketball drills for spacing, ball movement and opening up for opportunities In-depth basketball tutorial on why you should be moving without the ball and how to exploit these opportunities to further dominate the courts.

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This is a great 5-on-5, half-court drill that teaches players how to move without the ball and pass while under pressure without wasting the dribble. Our team started using this drill during the middle of the season, and it led to a tremendous improvement in our players’ ability to take better care of the basketball — especially during end-of-game situations.

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Effective Basketball Moves Without the Ball Backdoor Cut. The Backdoor Cut is effective when the defense overplays the passing lane. The offensive player starts... V-Cut. The player on the perimeter cuts toward the lane, plants hard on the outside foot and cuts hard back to the... L-Cut. Use ...

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Depending on how your team plays, whether it be mainly motion, basketball set plays, or a combination of the two, moving without the ball is critical. Set Up Your Defender The ability to set up a defender and create spacing gives the offensive player a huge advantage.

5 Basketball Passing Drills for Great Ball Movement

A great drill to improve not only passing, but also moving without the ball, spacing, cutting, etc. This drill will lead to less over-dribbling in games and fewer turnovers. Setup: Divide players in two teams depending on the number of players you have available at practice. Try to make teams similar height and skill level. The drill only needs one basketball. Instructions: