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Answer (1 of 44): Scored 99.19 %ile overall in CAT2020. Personally I feel I could have scored more especially in Quant section(if not for some silly mistakes) but that would be crying over spilled milk.

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Thanks for A2A, Let me ask one thing first. I have been playing cricket for past few months but still I am not scoring a century . What do you think is the reason?

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Answer (1 of 4): Based on previous year scores we can say that a total of 154 or above will give you a 99+ percentile. Section wise score required to score 99+ percentile: VA: 75+ DI: 52+ Quant: 56+ Score v/s percentile 1. 148 - 98.5 2. 155 - 99.0 3. 160 - 99.2 4. 165 - 99.4 5. 175 - 99.7 6...

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Answer: A Slot 1 raw score of 106 in CAT 2020 should fetch you a percentile around mid 98 (98-99). The score and background that you've cited are unlikely to secure you a solid probability of an IIM-A call, and IIM-K, IIM-L, and IIM-I would be better bets. An IIM-A call doesn't seem very far-fet...

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CAT Score Vs Percentile. How many marks are required to score 99 percentile in CAT is a very common question that many CAT applicants have. As CAT 2020 became a two hour format and the number of questions are reduced, difficulity level of various sectionals changed, so is the score required to score 95 percentile in CAT.

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CAT Scores vs Percetiles will help to get an idea about that how many marks will be required to score between the particular range of percentile. CAT Percentile is the only component that is used for screening or shortlisting of candidates for the further rounds of IIMs selection Proess .

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CAT 2021 Score vs Percentile – Sectional, Overall (If Pattern 1 hour) CAT Score vs Percentile – For a management CAT aspirant, who intends to get admission in top MBA Colleges like IIMs and Non IIM B-schools has to understand that the CAT score he gets in the exam will be the basis of the percentile, which indicates his rank or score in ...

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A 99%ile overall could be expected if you scored around 105-110 marks. CAT 2020 Slot 2 was quite similar to the slot 1 for the VARC section. The DILR section was similar in terms of pattern but slightly more difficult. The QA section on the other hand was again on similar lines to the CAT 2020 Slot 1 Paper.

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CAT 2020 Exam will have reduced number of Questions divided into MCQs and Non-MCQ type questions MCQs have negative marking for wrong answer and Non-MCQs do not carry penalty of negative marking Questions with negative marking (MCQs) are 70 to 75%