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The first player to win five wins the tie-break. The first player serves two points, the second player serves two, the next player serves two and the final player serves three points, if necessary....

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This is a guide to help you to learn how to play a tennis tiebreaker. This type of tiebreaker is common in high school matches and most tournaments. This i...

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Tie-Breaker: The first player to win 7 points (win by 2) will win the match. The tiebreaker will begin with the first server serving once from the deuce court. The next server will serve twice, starting in the ad court. Service will then alternate after every two points. If the tie-breaker reaches six points each (6-All), the tie-breaker will continue

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If doubles team one has players A and B and the opposing team has players C and D, here’s how the serving could play out. Let’s say player A from team one begins the tiebreaker. They’ll serve one point from the deuce court and then serving switches to the other doubles team. The serving switches to team two.

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Each tournament will specify their rules prior to matches starting. It is rare that doubles tournaments play a full third set. Most tournaments will shorten it to a 10 point tiebreaker if the first two sets are split 1-1. A 10 point tiebreaker is played exactly the same way as a 7 point tiebreaker, but it is played to 10.

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In a doubles tie-break the first point is served by the player whose turn it is to serve. The following two points shall be served by the player (of the opposing team) due to serve next.

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Tennis Doubles Tiebreak Rules. In doubles, we follow the standard tiebreak rules defined by ITF. The only difference is that a match tiebreaker (or super tiebreaker) is played as the final set. A standard tiebreak is called a 12 point tiebreaker or 7 point tiebreaker, where a player has to win at least 7 points to win the match.