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Jump Float Serve - Strength and Power Volleyball

The jump float serve is a serving technique that puts added pressure on the opponents serve reception. The first skill to learn is the correct footwork. Jump Serving Footwork. The first part of learning to jump float is teaching the footwork. When learning the approach, it’s very similar to a regular volleyball hitting approach.

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Volleyball Float Serve Tips. Start your feet next to each other. (Some people prefer having left foot forward. As you remember there are usually more than one way to play volleyball.) Toss the ball up to the air with your left hand. (Some players prefer tossing with both hands.) This is probably the most critical part of the serve.

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The following serving techniques are for a right handed server. Use opposite feet and hand positions for serving left handed. Serving a Volleyball Floaters. A float serve is serving the ball in a way that makes it move so that it is harder to tell where it s going. The ball is harder to track and passers must focus harder to volleyball pass the ball.

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The jump float serve has become one of the wickedest weapons in volleyball at all levels of the sport. To teach young players how to do it correctly, Oregon State assistant coach Emily Hiza reviews the basics here. Using a player to demonstrate, Hiza covers a progression of 4 points: Footwork, toss, armswing and contact.

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Executing a Float Serve: A Fundamental Volleyball Skill

Strike the middle of the back of the ball with the middle of your palm. The key to getting the ball to float is to strike and pull back. Do not follow through as you would on a topspin serve. Just a quick, firm contact on the middle of the ball will send it over with no spin and if it catches some air, all the better to float with.

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Contact it with as much surface area of your hand as possible, and flick your wrist for a topspin. Hit more with the palm of your hand for a float serve. Hit it as hard as possible. This is where the force and momentum of the jump serve comes from. Contact the ball with a fully extended arm and jump high.

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Dreaming of Paradise ProductionsThanks for watching, in this video we demonstrate how to float serve in volleyball. Be sure to check out our other tutorial v...